AI & Machine Learning

We engineer practical data-driven algorithms to implement machine learning solutions for startups by separating the AI hype from computational realities.


We help startups leverage blockchain technologies to solve real-world problems related to privacy, decentralization of trust and scalability.

IoT Application Development Services

IoT is not a concept; it is a network of networks. We help startups gather behaviour, activities and sensor-collected data from connected devices. We process this data to develop new services to give your product the competitive advantage.

Big Data Analytics

Big data is not just Hadoop. It is Hadoop plus everything else that is required to deliver the data to the right place at the right time. Big data technologies help you take control of your data landscape. We help startups stay a step ahead of competition by gathering actionable insights for their users from every source of data.

Augmented Reality App Development

Augmented Reality goes far beyond games. It bridges the physical and digital worlds. We help startups build transformative products and enhance their customer’s experience of reality using Augmented Reality.

UI/UX Design & Development

Today, the user experience of a product matters as much as the technology that drives it. At iWebtronix, we incorporate user experience design and development activities into every stage of a startup life cycle. We ensure that the end-user needs are central to the entire product.

Dev Ops and Infra Services

Startups churn releases in quick time. DevOps and infrastructure automate redundant tasks that improve time to market and bring business agility. We help startups build flexible and reliable products that can seamlessly handle volume and functionality growth.

Mobile Application Development

We offer a full range of mobile app development services that make things better for enterprises and companies we work with. Our team of dedicated mobile app developers fulfills your diverse business requirements through a number of services.

Open Source Development

We use open source tools and technologies for building startup products. We believe in giving back to the open source community by investing our time, money, and people to create intellectual property that everyone can use. We contribute to existing open source projects and create new open source projects.

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